This is the first episode of Total Drama Fashionista! Johnny and Kimmy introduce themselves and the mansion, leaving everyone shocked at how big it is! Now that they've gotten shown around, challenge time!

The First ChallengeEdit

Ok, for your first challenge, you will need to design something fancy and elegant for your contestant to wear for the Fashion Ball tonight. Challenge due by tomorrow at 5:00PM EST. If you're done, leave your name here:

  1. Jessica- TDobsessed88
  2. Jeff- TDobsessed88
  3. Jonna-Kate4TDWT
  4. Shaun-Dylan7205
  5. Bailey - TDISeriesFan
  6. Herman - TDISeriesFan
  7. Monica- LiLCraziiGurl77
  8. Dylan - LiLCraziiGurl77
  9. Seth-Kate4TDWT
  10. Barbie-Barbiegirlvolcano

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