Total Drama Wawanakwa Island will be a roleplay that consists of 10 contestants. They are all new and must have pictures. They will be decided once I have ten people.


  • 1. To join, use the talk page.
  • 2. Each week, a challenge will be posted in a blog. You will have an hour to answer the question, fight with people (roleplay) and just talk and hang around.
  • 3. When you are eliminated, you are NOT to comment on the blog about re joining or being mean to people. You can chant for people and encourage them, along with guests.
  • 4. If you are offered a second season and you don't take the chance, chances are you probably won't ever be asked again by me.
  • 6. A story will also be written for the fanfic. A link will be posted when the season is over.
  • 7. Final 3 will have a chance to invite back one character this season. They all must agree.



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