Total Drama Recolor is a Roleplay made by LiLCraziiGurl77. She is looking for 10 contestants to join her show, Total Drama Recolor! Every day, you will be given a model, and you will have to decorate it according to the theme of the game! Please join!


  1. Layla-Kate played by Kate4TDWT
  2. Sharaya-Kate4TDWT
  3. Adam - Johnnyboy10465
  4. Bianca - Johnnyboy10465
  5. Doc- TDobsessed88
  6. Samantha - Barbiegirlvolcano
  7. Chaz-Dylan7205
  8. Nick-Dylan7205
  9. Jhoanna - TDISeriesFan
  10. "Mika" - TDISeriesFan

Gallery Of ContestantsEdit

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